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    UKSCA Accredited Trainers
    Strength & Conditioning for Sport, Body Building and Weight Loss
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  • Personalised Holistic Training Plans 
    Personalised Holistic Training Plans 
    Loose Weight, Increase Muscle, Improve Athletic Performance
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    All-London Mobile Personal Training
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UKSCA Accredited TrainersPersonalised Holistic Training Plans All-London Mobile Personal Training

Baraka Personal Training

Welcome to Baraka mobile personal training and conditioning

Baraka personal training and conditioning is a specialist mobile personal training and conditioning company at the cutting edge of the health and fitness industry. We train you in your home, the local park or in your gym and we cover all areas of greater London. Our specialist trainers are all university qualified professionals with many years of industry experience.

We specialise in weight loss, muscle building, paediatric training and strength and conditioning for sport and tactical personnel. Whether you want to loose weight, muscle-up and improve your health and fitness or you are an athlete preparing for competition or someone training for military or police selection courses we have a package for you.

Why Choose Baraka Personal Training?

  • Highly experienced, degree level qualified trainers

  • Flexible 7 day service to fit around your needs

  • Personalised training programs

  • Extensive range of training packages 

  • Dietary analysis and meal plans

  • No equipment is needed 

  • Expert strength and conditioning for children

Our Training Packages

Beginners Package

If you are new to fitness and sport then this is the package for you.

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Weight Loss Package

Whether you are going on holiday soon and you want to hit the beach

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Partner Package

This is the ideal package for couples or gym buddies.

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Paediatric Package

If you are a parent of a young athlete competing in team or individual sport

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The Athlete Package

Whether you are a weekend warrior wanting to improve your performance

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Kickboxing Package

Kickboxing is a great exercise modality to maximise countless fitness components.

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  • I was recommended to Baraka Training by a peer I respect in business. During the introductory session I appreciated the highly professional yet relaxed approach to personal training. The entire service is very convenient and professional. Jonathan is a very experienced personal trainer and that is instantly clear. In my experience, prior trainers have gone for too much too soon. Those sessions were too challenging to be enjoyable and became chore like. Jonathan have a gradual, steady approach which brings cumulative and sustainable results. I started training twice a week on the beginners package and thanks to the flexibility of the home training service I now do 3-5 sessions a week at home and in the office gym. Since starting at the begging of the year I have gone from 25% body fat to 15% and I feel and great. Baraka Training offers professional, customized personal training for busy people. The service is highly individualized, the trainers are personable and the experience enjoyable. I recommend highly.

    Clive Edwards Senior Partner, Area Management

    Review – Clive Edwards
  • Being a 50+ year old passionate skier my GP advised me to consider some pre-conditioning training before hitting the slopes this year. The team at Baraka Training have been fantastic in helping me train the specific muscle groups required for skiing. I am amazed how the Baraka home training program not only improved my stamina on the slopes but I also managed to loose 5kg in the process.

    Lucy Blackman, Investment Banker

    Review – Lucy Blackman
  • The Baraka Training method really works! And it works fast!!! Within only a few sessions I started to see gains in all the right places and my I feel great. I would highly recommend Baraka Training to anyone wanting to maximise their results in the gym.

    Tia Baker, Broadcast Journalist

    Review – Tia Baker
  • I began working with Alex a number of years ago to improve my punching power and my strength in the clinch. I felt stronger and faster within a very short time period and I have never looked back. The team at Baraka Training never fail to deliver and I am grateful for the amazing service strength and conditioning and diet planning.

    Sevket Cerkez, Professional Muaythai Champion

    Review – Sevket Cerkez
  • Alex has been a team mate of mine for a number of years. Ever since I have known Alex I have been grateful for his training advice and fitness programing. His in depth knowledge of training and conditioning theory alongside his experience as both a strength coach and athlete has been a key component in my development as fighter.

    Marcus Powell Professional Muaythai and K1

    Review – Marcus Powell

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us for further information about any of our training packages or events.

T: 0345 060 8088
E: info@barakapersonaltraining.co.uk

Baraka Personal Training and Conditioning Ltd.
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden