Jonathan Letts

Jonathan is a highly experienced personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. Having worked in the sport and fitness industry for many years Jonathan is experienced in coaching clients with a variety of different needs and goals. His clients include individuals exercising for weight loss and general health benefits and he is a highly sought after conditioning and rehabilitation specialist amongst high performance athletes. Jonathan holds a sports science degree and a postgraduate degree in strength and conditioning and he currently works with a number of sponsored world class junior tennis players.

As a decorated endurance athlete with a background in crit cycling and triathlon since his teenage years Jonathan brings a unique portfolio to Baraka Training. His first-hand experience as an athlete and his experience as a strength coach combined with his knowledge of anatomy and training science make Jonathan a truly professional personal trainer.

Jonathan is a specialist in designing personalised training programs and integrates both resistance-based and cardiovascular exercises in a periodised manner to maximise your results. He has a strong believe that a holistic approach with good nutrition and mobility is the best way to achieve a fantastic physique and a healthy, strong body for everyday life and sporting excellence.

Jonathan’s training sessions are always evidence-based, allowing the best possible training methods for his clients, whatever their goals may be.