Alex has a varied background. He is a competitive Thaiboxer with a passion for sports science and athletic conditioning. Alex holds a 1st class honours degree in sports and exercise science and is currently completing a master’s degree in strength and conditioning science at St Mary’s University. He has served in the Swiss Army as an infantry soldier and he is a licenced body guard and private security contractor. Alex’s experience in performance orientated sport, his knowledge of sport science and the experience he has attained in the military have allowed him to become a highly innovate personal trainer.

Alex is an experienced strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer whose clients include both internationally ranked athletes and individuals exercising for health benefits, weight management and increased muscularity. He is well versed with various training modalities including Olympic weightlifting and other gym based resistance training. Alex combines calisthenics with free weight exercises and Thaiboxing pad drills to deliver exciting high intensity circuit training for all fitness levels. He also has experience in delivering running and other outdoor training sessions including agility and speed based training to both groups and individuals.

Alex is able to apply the scientific principles of fitness training to design periodized training interventions for high performance athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. He has an in depth knowledge of sports nutrition and weight loss strategies and he is well known for providing dietary advice to weight category sport athletes.


  • Strength and Conditioning MSc ( current )
  • 1st Class BSc in Sport and Exercise Science
  • BTEC Level 3 in Sport and Exercise Science
  • BTEC Level 1 in Sport and Exercise
  • GB National Boxing Tutor Award
  • CYQ Level 2 in Fitness and Physical Activity
  • Community Sports Leader Award
  • UKSCA exam, case study, speed agility & plyometrics