Mitchel Tait

Mitchel is a professional mixed martial arts fighter and a qualified a personal trainer. Mitchel’s background in professional MMA combined with his passion for training theory and coaching practice enable him to provide you with a truly unique training experience. Whether your goals are to lose weight, muscle-up or you are an athlete training for a competition Mitchel is the trainer for you. In accordance with the Baraka training ethos Mitchel’s training prescription is always based on scientific principals and current best practice.

You will enjoy a personalised and holistic training program targeting all necessary fitness components in a periodised manner. This approach is highly effective in maximising your results in the gym because each phase of your training program potentiates the next. Mitchel combines multiple training modalities including calisthenics, resistance bands, weight training and traditional martial arts exercises to keep your sessions varied and fun. All Mitchel’s clients enjoy a highly professional service at their preferred location.