Mobile Client Workout | #FollowTia at a London Gym

05 Feb

#FolllowTia! Our client Tia is 24 years old and training with us to tone up, get fit, and build her booty and thighs. Tia trains with us twice a week and insists on challenging workouts that vary from bodybuilding to Thai boxing. In this video you’ll see we’ve programmed a combo of body building training and metabolic work. Tia starts with increasing resistance/weight squats to strengthen and build muscle in her legs and hips. Then leg and knee raises for overall toning and to help sculpt her rockin’ 6-pack abs. Lastly in this clip, Tia kills it with battle rope waves to maximise calorie burn, increase metabolism, and improve muscular endurance.

Next week we’ll be at a local park for Tia’s workout, please do subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss it. You can follow her progress each as we share moments from the training sessions and track progress.

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