Arla Protein Quark



Nutrient per 100g per 200g (pot)
Energy kCal 70kCal 140kCal
Energy kJ 290kJ 580kJ
Protein 10.0g 20.0g
Carbohydrate 6.5g 13.0g
of which sugars 6.3g 12.6g
Fat 0.2g 0.4g
of which saturates 0.1g 0.2g
Salt 0.1g 0.2g


Arla Protein Quark is a dairy product that has reduced fat and is processed to remove additional sugars, fats and leaves in the protein amino. Leading to thick and creamy textures high protein dairy product. It’s typically used in cream cheeses and yoghurts. Quark, as a protein supplement can be used to repair muscle damage and help after a workout it needs to be almost liquid for to absorb straight away, and shakes (as they have preservatives and sugar) are an unnatural way of doing that.