I was recommended to Baraka Training by a peer I respect in business. During the introductory session I appreciated the highly professional yet relaxed approach to personal training. The entire service is very convenient and professional. Jonathan is a very experienced personal trainer and that is instantly clear. In my experience, prior trainers have gone for too much too soon. Those sessions were too challenging to be enjoyable and became chore like. Jonathan have a gradual, steady approach which brings cumulative and sustainable results. I started training twice a week on the beginners package and thanks to the flexibility of the home training service I now do 3-5 sessions a week at home and in the office gym. Since starting at the begging of the year I have gone from 25% body fat to 15% and I feel and great. Baraka Training offers professional, customized personal training for busy people. The service is highly individualized, the trainers are personable and the experience enjoyable. I recommend highly.

Clive Edwards Senior Partner, Area Management