• Sport specific needs analysis
  • Testing batteries
  • Periodised training program
  • Professional performance enhancement
  • Movement competency screening
  • LTAD
  • “Training to Win”

This is the ideal package for sports teams and performance squads training and competing at the  highest level. Training is programmed in accordance with the long term athlete development (LTAD) model, a framework outlining training goals for the different stages of the athletes maturation process. Regardless of what stage you’re at the package guarantees to maximise your physical development and reduce the risk of injury. In the early stages of your development, fundamental skills will be coached to improve co-ordination and movement competency. As you progress through the model each phase becomes more sport specific and fitness levels are continuously improved to a level where you are “training to win”. We apply the concept of periodisation to optimise training and ensure that athletes reach their peak physical condition at competitions. Fitness components are developed in a systematic way and recovery periods are planned to enable athletes to gain a competitive edge. Overall, whether your athletes are up and coming or a seasoned professionals the squad package guarantees to maximise performance capacity and to improve athletic success.