• Sport specific needs analysis
  • Professional performance assessment
  • Periodised training program
  • Specialist coaching
  • Access to cutting edge S&C facility

Whether you are a weekend warrior wanting to improve your performance or a professional athlete wanting to maximise your strength and conditioning we can help. Our trainers are UKSCA accredited S&C coaches with experience in boxing, rugby, tennis, football, basketball, thaiboxing and MMA. All athletes on this program will undergo a needs analysis where we analyse the demands of your sport and assess your performance capacity according to the requirements of your sport. We will compare your results with normative data and liaise with any of your other coaches before putting a periodised strength and conditioning training program in place for you. Whether you just need a performance analysis and have a program written to meet your needs or whether you need complete S&C coaching the service can be tailored to your personal and your coaching teams preferences.